The Gig To Beat All Gigs

“Do well for yourself, and good for others - they are not mutually exclusive.”

“Everything that happens [only] once may never happen again.  But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.”

My 1st gig after graduating UVA was in Corporate America as a business consultant at a well-regarded firm.  It turned out to be a firm right in the middle of the 2001 Enron Scandal. My 2nd gig in Corporate America was right after law school with another well-regarded firm.  This time I was a Corporate Attorney - Private Equity/Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Bankruptcy - and ultimately my industry was in the absolute center of the Great Recession.  I sometimes say that the type of work that I did “broke the world.”

The 1st quote above is from my Father, the late Dr. Ronald W. Davidson, when talking to me about finding my life’s calling, the Gig to beat all gigs.  The 2nd quote is from “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, a story about a young man’s journey to find his Personal Legend. When I left the law firm in 2010, it was 1 of the first uncomfortable steps on my journey to find my Gig of all gigs, my Personal Legend, my carved out and curated space in our world.

Just over 3 years ago, I found that Gig - Diaspora Travel & Trade.  Since 2015, my team and I have curated dozens of Programs and Projects for fellow Creators, Traders, & Globetrotters.  Folks from around the world have trusted and continue to trust me and my team with the creation and execution of meaningful engagements and interactions with people, places, and ideas.  And I take that trust seriously.

Through my travels I have crossed paths and shared parts of my journey with amazing people, seen the most awe-inspiring places, learned incredible histories and her-stories, and witnessed and participated in treasured ancient traditions and cultures.  I use these experiences to create opportunities through Diaspora.

Every Diaspora Curated Program, Project, and Platform is organized to meet your goals and objectives, and all Diaspora Signature and Special Projects are designed to provide you with that thing, person, place, idea, and/or feeling that you have been searching for, or perhaps that you had not even known you wanted or needed.

Our 2018 Cuba Calendar is fully packed with Programs and Projects; with themes ranging from Yoga to Law, we have something for everyone.  And of course, we are always excited to curate an experience to meet your specific goals and objectives.

All of our programs in Cuba are organized to meet 1 of the 12 OFAC General License requirements.  And as of this year unless noted otherwise, all Diaspora Signature Projects are ALL INCLUSIVE - yup flight, all meals, accommodations, transportation, and activities included.

Soooooo, when you gonna #LetMeTakeYouToCuba?!