Diaspora A La Carte Experiences FAQ

  1. What is an Diaspora Experience?

A Diaspora Experience is an affordable, pre-planned social or cultural activity in Cuba that is paid for A La Carte. The Experiences are designed for self-guided travelers that have already organized their flight and accommodations in Cuba, but are looking for special activities on certain days during their stay.  

Our US-Cuba team coordinates walking and classic car tours, discussions, social gatherings, live performances, presentations and more, in fields of visual and performance arts, Afro-Cuban religions of Yoruba/Ifa, Santeria, Regla De Ocha, and others; architecture, international business, organic farming, social and religious dances, social justice, etc; to give globe-trotters the freedom to curate their own experience with access to our decade of connections and expertise in travel in Cuba.

2. How do I book an experience?

  1. Select an Experience on our website

  2. Complete the contact form at the bottom of the Diaspora A La Carte Experiences webpage or send us an email at INFO@DiasporaTT.com with the name of your activity, number of persons, and the intended date for the activity

  3. A Diaspora member will confirm your Experience and send invoice

  4. Make full payment to finalize experience and Diaspora will send activity details including time, date, location, transportation information, number for our on-the-ground Cuba staff, and any other pertinent information in a confirmation email.

That’s it! All you have to do is show up for your Experience. Some activities will include a bi-lingual Diaspora Guide that can translate and assist you during the activity. A Guide may also be requested for an additional fee.  

If there is an experience that you’re looking to have that is not on our list of Experiences, contact us about your interests and we can curate it for you. We’ve been traveling to Cuba for over a decade and have connections in various professions and provinces throughout the island.

Note: We recommend printing the confirmation email or storing the email on an offline source on your mobile phone to reference on your trip, as internet access is not as readily accessible in Cuba. 

3. How many experiences can I book?

You can book as many Experiences as you like! When booking 3 or more Experiences, we require that you attend an Orientation Dinner to get acquainted with the island and our network upon your arrival. Dinner will be served at a restaurant or a local Cuban home and give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Cuban culture to prepare for your trip and scheduled Experiences.

4. How much do the Experiences cost?

Experiences are paid per person and can range between $50-$100 USD, depending on the scope of the activity and the amenities included in the price such as lunch, dinner, transportation, photographers, or guides.  

5. I am traveling to Cuba soon. How far in advance do I need to book my experience?

Due to limited internet access in Cuba, there is often a slight delay in reaching our partners on the ground. We would recommend providing us at least 5 days to curate your Experience. 

6. How can I pay for an Experience?

Diaspora accepts the following methods of payment: Check, Money Order, Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express), ACH Payments & Wire Transfers.  All transactions should be made payable to KEDavidson Consulting, LLC.  A service charge of $35.00 will be applied to any returned payment, regardless of the reason. 

Card payments require an additional 3.11% fee per transaction to cover the merchant costs associated with each transaction.  Payments sent through the mail must be sent by certified mail (return receipt requested) or another form of delivery that provides the sender with written confirmation of receipt and the ability to track the package.  

7. Can I book multiple experiences for a group/package price?

Yes, you can book multiple Diaspora Experiences on one day or multiple days. Depending on the amount of Experiences purchased and the size of your group, we may be able to offer a discounted group price. 

8. What if I am expecting to be late to an Experience?

We curate our Activities with our trusted network of friends, family, and professionals, and do our best to ensure minimal complications. However, if you have any issues, such as being significantly late to your pick-up location, you will have the direct contact information to our Staff in Cuba and the international contact information to our Managing Director in the US, to resolve any issues. 

9. What is your policy on refunds?

All Experience purchases are final and non-refundable.

10. What if I need to reschedule my Experience for a different day?

Prior to your trip, we will need at least 3-7 days to reschedule your Experience and may charge a nominal fee. If you are already in Cuba and need to reschedule an Experience for a different day, we will make an effort to accommodate your request. However, curating one Experience may require coordinating multiple people’s schedule in Cuba and we cannot guarantee availability on another day.