Discounts & Rebates

We want more people to experience the life-changing experience of travel, so we strive to create affordable, all inclusive programming. Then, we show our clients love by helping them save hundreds of dollars on travel through our numerous discount opportunities. By combining multiple discounts, you could save over $600 USD! Check out the opportunities below to make your package deal even cheaper. 

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Early Bird Registration Discount

: Save $150 usd

Pay your deposit early, complete your registration packet, and make your installments on time to receive this generous discount. Check your Program Packet to see Early Bird payment due dates.

 To save:

  • Pay $200 USD Early Bird Payment by due date

  • Pay $500 USD Registration Deposit Payment and Complete Registration Packet by due date

  • Make all other Payments by the respective due dates

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full payment discount: save $200 USD

Get a discount when you pay for your Program in full.

To save:

  • Make $200 USD Pre-Registration Payment by the “Early Bird Payment Deadline”

  • Make Remainder of Payment by the “Pre-Registration Payment Deadline”

Pre-Travel Activity Participation:

Save $100 USD

From online and phone discussions about Cuba to posting about your expectations for the trip — we offer opportunities year-round to participate in the Program before departure. These are opportunities to learn about Cuban history, life, and culture before take-off so when you land — you have a deeper understanding of the island that can enrich your experience. 

To save:

  • Participate in at least 1 Pre-Travel Activity - online or in person (details on Program Page)


DIASPORA Friends & Family Discount:

Save $100 USD

This is only offered to members of the Diaspora network including our previous clients, friends, family and business associates.


Rebates are paid upon return from the Program. Funds will be reimbursed no later than 4 months from the end date of Program. 

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Social Media Campaign Rebate:

Save $50 USD

Create simple and quick social media posts before, during, and after your Program. We’ve created an easy-to-follow posting guide. Don’t forget to tag Diaspora!

To save: 

Successfully complete the Social Media Campaign

Donation Discount: Save $100 USD

We encourage generosity and thoughtfulness while traveling — so we reward our clients for bringing donations. There are different items that would be beneficial to the Cuban people at the time of your travel. We will make presentations of donated items to community organizations that we visit.

To save:

  • Must bring $60 USD worth of items to donate with a receipt. Donation list will be provided.

  • **Donation list coming soon.**


DONATION Rebate: Save $100 USD

Must bring our recommenced items on your trip and leave with Diaspora. For example, during our Fitness & Wellness Program, we may ask that you leave a lightly used yoga mat and water bottle. We will inform you by email about the recommended items for your trip.

To save:

  • Donate recommended items