We curate travel experiences, commercial opportunities, relationships & networks, and related content for those Travelers and Traders interested in the “Americas.”  Our team has over 20 years of experience in international travel and trade and project management, specializing in Sustainable Travel, Social Enterprise, and the commercial and cultural activities of Black and Indigenous communities of this region.

 Our multilingual international team is comprised of attorneys, business and sales professionals, medical and health and wellness professionals, photographers and videographers, and professors and translators who are dedicated to providing Diaspora clients with individualized experiences and solutions.

Our Portfolio Include Projects, Programs, Experiences, and Content in the Following Sectors:

Commerce, Trade, & Entrepreneurialism; Religion & Spirituality; Sustainable Development & Urban Agriculture; Wellness & Holistic Living; Fitness, Sports, & Athletics; Urban Design & Architecture; Law & Politics; Technology; Music, Dance, Art, & Literature; and Eco-Tourism


Diaspora Signature Projects

From touring independent music studios during Diaspora Music Exchange to visiting local farms during Diaspora Fitness & Wellness, our annual projects are an opportunity to engage with Cuba and Cubans in a fun, exciting, and meaningful way.

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Commerce & Trade Support Services

From idea generation to opportunity exploration, we assist entrepreneurs during all stages of commercial activity.

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Content Creation & Presentations


Diaspora Curated Programs

We curate specialized programs for colleges and universities, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, special interest groups, for profit entities, associations, professionals, and globe-trotters.

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Event Planning and Production

From scouting to wrap parties, we are your detail oriented and well-connected planning and production partner.

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Diaspora À La Carte Experiences

Choose from our selection of our uniquely themed activities to include in your next self-planned travel adventure.

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Document Retrieval Services

We assist individuals and entities with obtaining government documents and other personal and confidential information.