Kasara E. Davidson

Managing Director - NYC & Washington, DC (Founder/Owner)

Kasara transforms obstacles into opportunities, ideas into advantages, and desires into goals & strategies. Since founding Diaspora in early 2015, she has developed dozens of projects and programs, and manages all business development and marketing communications strategies. She leverages her relationships in and knowledge of the Black & Indigenous Diaspora to provide value to clients and communities.

She has a decade of corporate legal experience and over 15 years of consulting experience in business development and program/project management. She graduated cum laude from Howard University School of Law and holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia. She loves to read science and historical fiction, is fascinated by all types of bodies of water, and grew up playing Capoeira de Angola with her father.

Nakia Brown Headshot 1.jpg

Nakia Brown

Director of Communications - Baltimore, MD (Independent Contractor)

Nakia weaves words into poems, prose, and press releases. She develops, executes, and manages all Diaspora communication efforts. She brings over 3 years of experience in media as an international journalist; her work has been published in various online and print media outlets including VICE, OkayAfrica, and The Afro-American Newspaper.

Nakia joined Diaspora after she traveled to Cuba in the summer of 2016 to study the Yoruba/Ifa religion. She holds a B.A in Integrated Arts from the University of Baltimore and is interested in pursuing her Masters in African Studies. She loves Bachata, Ghanaian Highlife, and African cinema.


Lydia Manuella Castro

Director of Operations & Administration - New Orleans, LA (Independent Contractor)

Lydia was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico and currently lives in New Orleans, LA. She responds to client requests, drafts, edits, and executes business materials, and coordinates travel and office logistics basically at the same time, and definitely in record time. Not to mention, it is always done with a smile. She manages the logistics for Diaspora programming, and office administration.

Lydia started working with Kasara in 2016 as an intern, and quickly became a valued team member. She speaks 3 languages fluently: Spanish, English, and French, and has traveled to more than 30 countries. She is currently pursuing a B.A. in Marketing at The University of New Orleans. She loves making pottery, dancing and listening to music at Latin Bars in Louisiana, and reading Lonely Planet Travel Guide Books.


Frank Carlos Alvarez Moreno

Director of Business Development & Sales - Cuba (Independent Contractor)

Born in the hotspot city of Havana, Frank Carlos Alvarez Moreno is an experienced businessman and English instructor. As the Director of Business Development & Sales at Diaspora, he generates leads, and establishes and manages strategic partnerships and client relationships.

After graduating from the Universidad de Ciencias Pedagógicas Enrique José Varona (Enrique Jose Varona Higher Pedagogical Institute) in 2009 with a focus on English and French foreign language studies, he worked as an English teacher in the Military Institute for 3 years. Later he applied his mastery of communication to a career in the hospitality industry; he has held executive sales and marketing positions at various luxury hotels in Havana. He is a husband and father of a precious 4-year old daughter.


Gisela Moreno Correoso

Project Consultant & Lead Translator/Interpreter - Cuba (Independent Contractor)

Gisela was born in Oriente (the eastern part of Cuba) in Santiago de Cuba, raised in Havana Vieja, and currently lives in San Miguel del Padrón Municipality in Havana. She infuses words with experience and meaning, brings stories and history to life, and is known to keep the Cuban side of this operation on task. She assists in program/project development, planning, and execution; she is a beloved Tour Guide who maintains relationships with many of our past clients; and as the Lead Translator/Interpreter she ensures that our clients and Cuban hosts have meaningful interactions, even when language could be a barrier.

Gisela and Kasara have been close friends (more like family) since 2008, and Gisela joined the team in 2015. With over four decades of professional experience, she is an English professor; a Tour Guide; and a Translator & Interpreter. She has conducted translation and interpretation services for various Cuban and international meetings, workshops, and conferences, and for high-level organizations such as the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (“CTC” - The Central Union of Cuban Workers), Congress of World Peace Council, Movimento Cubano por la Paz y Soberania de los Pueblos (“MovPaz” - Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples) and NGO Oxfam-Belgium. She loves nature; reading classic novels and detective stories; and has a new found interest in hip-hop music with positive and community oriented lyrics.


Harahi Gámez Rodríguez

Project Consultant - Cuba (Independent Contractor)

Harahi was born and raised in Guanabacoa, and currently lives in San Miguel del Padrón Municipality in Havana. As a Diaspora team member, she seems to know it all - the best places to eat; the best community activities; the best accommodations; the most engaging performances and speakers; well established, and up and coming artists; and if she does not have the answer, then she knows someone who will. She assists in program/project development, planning, and execution; she is a beloved Tour Guide who maintains relationships with many of our past clients; and leverages her relationships to ensure that our activities are always filled with just the right balance of traditional and contemporary Cuban society.

Harahi and Kasara have been close friends (more like family) since 2008, and Harahi joined the team in 2015. For more than two decades, she’s gained valuable experience as an International Collaboration Specialist. Her particular focus is on matters concerning the Environment, Agriculture, and Sustainable Development as they relate to urban communities. She has worked with a variety of Cuban and international high-level organizations, including El Gran Parque Metropolitano de La Habana (“GPMH” - The Great Metropolitan Park of Havana), the Embassy of Canada, NGO Oxfam-Belgium, and Fundación Antonio Nuñez Jimenez de la Naturaleza y el Hombre (The Antonio Nuñez Jimenez Foundation for Man and Nature). She loves everything about visiting the beach; learning about people and their cultures, customs, and traditions; and reading non-fiction and detective stories.

Yuri Hernández

Project Consultant - Cuba (Independent Contractor)

Raised in the Cotorro Province of Havana, Yuri knows the landmarks and the laws of the island. He began his career in education as a Primary Teacher (Elementary) in Cuba and after graduating with his Law Degree in 2009, he began practicing as a lawyer. For nearly two decades, he’s provided Legal Counsel for government institutions in Cuba, such as the Office of Tax Administration (ONAT) in the Old Havana municipality, The Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana, and has provided legal services for self-employed workers.


Dayans Linea Medina

Media Liaison - Cuba (Independent Contractor)

He’s our eye on the island. Born in Havana, Linea has been documenting Cuba for nearly two decades. In 1999, he began working as the general assistant at Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión (The Cuban Institute of Radio and Television) making documentaries and dramatized, sports, and political video clips. He’s worked as a journalist/photo reporter and teaches student workshops at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (International Film and Television School) as the Director of Photography. He currently works as a cameraman for CANAL HAVANA and freelances as an editor, photographer, and cinematographer.

T. Davidson photo.jpg

Tyleis Davidson

Intern - Georgia

Tyleis creates in our marketing and communications department, building our brand over various social media channels. She started her non-profit career over a decade ago focusing on social justice and human rights issues such as economic injustice and human trafficking. Tyleis is graduating this summer with a degree in public relations from Kennesaw State University. She aspires to help brands build a strong presence across social media platforms. Tyleis holds a B.A. in Africana Studies from Rutgers University. While studying is her primary function by day, Tyleis also enjoys collecting vinyl records and spending time with her family.

Diaspora Photo (2).jpeg

Travis Moret

Intern - Minnesota

As a 2018 Intern in the Business Development and Sales Department, Travis assists in developing and managing - “curating” - Diaspora projects and programs. With professional experience in various industries from finance to the environmental services, he leverages his skillset to assist our clients with their goals and objectives - whether personal, commercial, academic, or a blend of purposes. He loves to travel, and share his experiences and inspire others through photography and storytelling.